Bay Area based cyclocross squad representing Fresh Air Bicycles in San Francisco and Hunter Cycles from the mountains of Santa Cruz County. Besides our title sponsors, we are fortunate enough to have the support of some fantastic folks: San Francisco based companies like De La Paz Coffee Roasters and Una Pizza Napoletana, in addition to Thunderbird Energetica & EpicBar, Vans, Pacenti, Sim-Works and Paul Components.

See you in the dirt.


Team Sponsors

Everyone on the team races cyclocross because they want to, but our sponsors graciously make things easier for us. From mechanical support at the races and the best hand-built bicycles available, to the latest gear, and awesome coffee, we all know our season would be much more of a challenge without them. We would appreciate it if you took 5 minutes to check out our sponsors and if possible support them like they support us!

The team’s primary sponsor, Fresh Air Bicycles is an established shop—under new ownership—in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Fresh Air Bicycles provides the finest service to all cyclists and helps keep the teams rides in top shape.

Our co-title sponsor Rick Hunter is a fixture of Northern California cyclocross. He has been designing and fabricating fine custom frames since 1993, our team is incredibly lucky to have such sweet rides. Rick still makes every frame himself, with the same focus on simplicity and craftsmanship that has built Hunter Cycles into one of the icons of modern custom building. Rick doesn’t like to brag, but riders from the legendary DFL Cross Dress Series to the Cycle Messenger World Championships will tell you there is no finer frame than a Hunter.

De La Paz Coffee was founded in 2006 with a strong desire to learn about everything related to coffee and to produce the finest product available. We believe it is the best coffee in San Francisco, it keeps us motivated, and makes those early morning sessions that much easier. De La Paz Coffee is passionate about what they do and will soon open their cafe at 1081 Mission St in San Francisco for all of your caffeine needs. Currently De La Paz beans are available at many grocery stores in the Bay Area as well as at select cafes. De La Paz, Roasting Everyday. 

Manufacturing awesome parts, in Chico California, since 1989. Paul makes incredible things with 6061 Aluminum, and while everyone is talking about disc brakes, we’re talking about the new Paul Minimotos. Get some!

Off the bike, what could be better than a pizza sponsor? And if so… then how about the best pizza in SF? Visit the website, visit their location on 11th street and learn the true meaning of the word; pizza.

Shaman blessed? Yes. Thunderbird Energetica creates the incredible out of a plethora of different ingredients and combinations. These aren’t sugar bombs either but whole food energy bars.

And if fruit-based bars aren’t your thing then you need Epic Bar. The first savory, meat-based energy bars. Three different bars are available based off bison, beef and turkey. Eat, be stoked, don’t bonk, and recover right.

There isn’t enough room here to talk about the man and his commitment and innovation. Check out this Dirt Rag interview for the full story. We’re stoked to be involved with Kirk this year and his new SL23 rims are the business.

Sim Works is in the business of creating great parts, and rejuvenating Japan’s cycling culture. The’ve partnered with Nitto to create some really great stems, bars and accessories, which many members of the team will be running this year. If you want to buy unique parts that support a good crew of people working for a great cause, then support Sim Works.

Vans. Who wasn’t wearing Vans as kid, and who still doesn’t own at least one pair of Vans? A classic, totally timeless but still totally modern, and always rad. Vans is doing something cool for us, something to match the jerseys, stay tuned and visit Vans in the meantime.