Bay Area based cyclocross squad representing Fresh Air Bicycles in San Francisco and Hunter Cycles from the mountains of Santa Cruz County. Besides our title sponsors, we are fortunate enough to have the support of some fantastic folks: San Francisco based companies like De La Paz Coffee Roasters and Una Pizza Napoletana, in addition to Thunderbird Energetica & EpicBar, Vans, Pacenti, Sim-Works and Paul Components.

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First Mountain Bike Race!


On Friday at 4:45pm I found out about the first race in Bike Monkey’s 3 part series at Lake Sonoma. Since I didn’t have any other plans and have been wanting to get my feet wet with some Mountain Bike racing, I figured why not hop in? 

Caroline and I packed up the car early Saturday morning and drove north. Neither one of us had ridden there before and really had no idea what to expect. Since I goofed and set my alarm wrong, we got there a little too late to get any kind of pre-riding in….doh! All good. Lined up in the Men’s Expert Class (I wanted to do 4 laps even if it meant getting last place) and went for it. 

The race started an uphill road section, the only pavement in the entire course, and dropped into some sweet single track after a couple hundred yards. “Holy crap this is awesome!” I remember saying after the first couple turns. I found my rhythm and was cruising along with a group of riders through the first half of the course feeling pretty good until I felt the thump thump thump of my rear tire deflating…nooooo!

I pulled over and watched everyone go by me, the sport class, beginning class, and kids while I fixed my flat. Oh well! From there, I figured I was just out on a nice Saturday ride and was going to enjoy the new terrain. The course was really challenging and did not let you relax one bit, it was 90% singletrack and the only time you could “rest” was on the brief fire road climbs between trails. I had a blast and can’t wait to do another mountain bike race.

Bike Monkey put on another rad event, they never disappoint. Can’t wait to do the next!

Huge thanks to Travis and FreshAir Bikes for the support and love! 

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