Bay Area based cyclocross squad representing Fresh Air Bicycles in San Francisco and Hunter Cycles from the mountains of Santa Cruz County. Besides our title sponsors, we are fortunate enough to have the support of some fantastic folks: San Francisco based companies like De La Paz Coffee Roasters and Una Pizza Napoletana, in addition to Thunderbird Energetica & EpicBar, Vans, Pacenti, Sim-Works and Paul Components.

See you in the dirt.


Double header weekend

I’m always really excited to support the Bike Monkey crew - their races are so well run, and considering the small size of the fields, they pay out really generously. I had an okay race, nothing spectacular, but managed 4th place after working my way up from a terrible start. I had a great time racing with my pal Caroline, who killed it and got 3rd. It was super hot in Santa Rosa, and I struggled with the heat a bit, as well as not having the best motor to get me through all the pedaling that course demands. There are a lot of corners, but with little passing room you have to be ready to throw the hammer down! 

Sunday was Candlestick #2, and I almost didn’t take the line. I’d forgotten to register ahead of time and I woke up in a major brain fog, likely from the heat the day before. I still made my way to the park, figuring I might as well see what happens. Those days are pretty instructive - will my body feel as awful as my brain? Turns out, my body felt decent, but my brain definitely was a hinderance. Despite typically being a good starter, and lining up on the front row thanks to a call-up, I found myself geared too high, missing my pedal and starting at the back. Heather mistakenly lined up behind me and was similarly screwed, sorry Heather! Damnit, my plan to try to avoid the mess on the early corners was shot to hell! I struggled to pick some people off, but passing places were scarce with all of the gravelly corners. Pick the wrong place to pass, and you’d find yourself several seconds back as you slid all over the place. So, I tried to be patient, but it was really frustrating. I was getting caught up behind riders who were taking corners slower than I would like, but I couldn’t quite summon up the juice to pass on the straightaways, probably due to tired legs from racing the day before. Then, as frustration set in, I started making stupid mistakes that cost me a few places. I’d pass a few people, blow it on something (I think Derek calls it “running out of talent”) and lose those spots all over again. I started reeling in people I’d lost thanks to my mistakes, but I ran out of room at the end of the race and had to settle for 9th. I know I can do better, and look forward to getting another shot in a few weeks. I actually really like racing at Candlestick. When I’m not busy shooting myself in the foot, I can do something with that course, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to improve on yesterday. First step is remembering how to get a decent start…

Thanks team for the cheers and awesome vibes! See you in two weeks…


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