Bay Area based cyclocross squad representing Fresh Air Bicycles in San Francisco and Hunter Cycles from the mountains of Santa Cruz County. Besides our title sponsors, we are fortunate enough to have the support of some fantastic folks: San Francisco based companies like De La Paz Coffee Roasters and Una Pizza Napoletana, in addition to Thunderbird Energetica & EpicBar, Vans, Pacenti, Sim-Works and Paul Components.

See you in the dirt.


Team Bios

Brad Handel

Category:  Men’s A

Best Finish: Stay tuned…

Favorite Food: #breakfastwithjoe

Cameron Falconer

Category: Men’s A

Years Racing: 17

Favorite Ride: Oakridge Oregon

Best Finish: 2011 Pilarcitos GGP, 8th A Men. Beat a pro roadie in a sprint at the line, rare like seeing a unicorn playing pinball with Bigfoot

Favorite Food: Avocados 

Daryl Rogers

Category: Men’s A

Fred Cauthen

Category: Men’s A

Favorite math class I never took: Real Analysis

Favorite Riding: East Bay Regional Parks

Favorite Food: Rice, scrambled egg, kimchee, little toasted sesame oil. 

Heather Pugh

Category: Women’s Elite

Dirty Pleasure: Diaz Ridge in Marin. Her endlessness and steep punches make me giggle.

Favorite Food: Medium-rare steak from the grill

Jon Bekefy

Category: Single Speed A

Best Finish: 5th Single Speed B 

Favorite Food: Burritos. All day, all night.

Kyle Ng

Category: Men’s A

Occupation: Student

Race strategy: ride hard, take risks, dont fall 

Leah Plack

Category: Women’s Elite

My cross “training”: Anything that challenges me physically and technically, is adventurous, and involves being somewhere beautiful. Wildlife sightings a plus. One of these days, I’ll try intervals…

Why I love cross: It’s the perfect intersection of the ultimate rush and complete, utter torture.

Nick Navarro

Class: Men’s B

Best Finish: 6th @ BASP #3 @ Golden Gate Park, 2011 the best of the handful of times I’ve felt like I was riding on rails.

Favorite Food: Machaca burritos from any sketchy-looking taco shop in San Diego.

Rick Hunter—The Creator

Category: Men’s A

Scott Bryan

Category: Men’s B

Best Finish: 10th at Surf City in 2012 - It was a sunny day at the Fairgrounds

Favorite Food: Montana Elk, Sardines, Ice Cream

Status: Team Soccer Mom - Returning to action from the DL in November

Tom Farley

Category: Men’s B

Best Finish: Actually got DFL in a DFL race in 2008.

Rider I most relate to: Jens Voigt

Motto: Beloved by all but loved by none.

Travis T

Category: Men’s A

In our local cyclocross series, some people train hard, line up nervous and serious, and race themselves into a dustcloud of suffering. Other people show up to have fun, heckle each other, and drink beer. I like to think we do a little bit of it all. The vibe at our team tent is always awesome, and no matter how hard I race, I can’t help but have a ton of fun!”